Group of dental clinics "Diamante" have opened doors to the public in 2016. All clinics are equipped with the high standards of the latest dental technologies, but our main emphasis is devoted to our doctors. Our professionals do not only have remarkable experience, but will be glad to communicate with you in your language - English, Spanish, Russian and German.

We offer a full range of services of modern dentistry: diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, surgical dentistry, dental implants, all kinds of prosthetics (crowns, veneers, removable prothesis), the installation of modern bracket systems. Diagnosis is made on CT scan (3D) , which is necessary for implantation and other surgeries and procedures. The newest equipment allows us to work with the most complicated cases in prosthetics and treatment of malocclusion.

In our clinics you will find the most delicate and individual approach starting with the precise diagnosis and continuing with the “smart” treatment plan. We will assure you, that we are able to find the adequate solution for all your questions and it will be you, who decide upon your treatment options - from simple, qualitative, but not so expensive to most complicated and luxurious.

We are happy to help you!